Gabbiano Boys has been a welcome exhibitor at Sunday School for a number of editions. Cool clothing for teenage boys with a cool urban style.
Gabbiano is an urban brand from Amsterdam, based on Italian craftsmanship. What once started with decades of experience in the fashion industry, the idea of ​​a brand of jeans after a group tour through Tuscany and the beauty of the Italian village of Gabbiano, quickly evolved into a complete clothing collection for men’s and boys’ clothing.
Trendy boys clothes with a modern look and cool urban street style, that is what Gabbiano Boys clothing comes down to. This clothing and attitude comes with a new look and feel.
That’s what Gabbiano Boys has also given their new website: “Boys with an attitude “is the message!
The new look and feel, which focuses on tough and entrepreneurial boys, will be on display at the Gabbiano Boys stand on 30 June.