NAME IT’s new take on children’s fashion, defined by well-considered fabric choices, balanced colours and beautiful craftsmanship.

This Autumn, NAME IT launches a new exclusive sub-brand – Lil’ Atelier – a children’s fashion brand that focuses on upgraded materials combined with luxurious and sophisticated design. Lil’ Atelier gives you styles with a classic look for boys and girls in the age range of BABY, MINI and KIDS.

A new approach to fashion

Although NAME IT has created contemporary and af fordable children’s clothing with a strong focus on denim and colour ful designs for more than 30 years, the brand is moving into a more exclusive approach to children’s fashion with their new subbrand Lil’ Atelier.

“We have experienced a high demand for children’s clothing with a focus on quality and sustainable materials, as well as a more sophisticated look, and we would like to meet this need with Lil’ Atelier. We are very aware that NAME IT exists as its own brand and preserves its own identity, and we are proud to be able to launch a sub-brand that lives up to the demand that we have experienced, while we hold on to our origins,” says Laura Weber Svendsen, Communication Manager at NAME IT.

Especially in Germany and the Scandinavian countries, customers have demanded a brand of a

more exclusive character. “We launch Lil’ Atelier to ensure the absolute best products for the quality conscious consumer, who will not compromise on quality, comfor t and an upgraded look,” says Pia Stevnhøj, International Sales Manager at NAME IT.

Launch of Lil’ Atelier

Lil’ Atelier has 4 annual collections consisting of sophisticated styles for children aged 0-12 years. In the collections, you will be able to see styles in materials such as corduroy, velvet, cashmere, wool and organic cotton, while the colours consist of neutral muted pastel colours.

For more information please see Lil’ Atelier 

Instagram @lilatelier_official.