Organizing a fashion show takes a lot of time and also requires a lot of manpower. This also applies to the fashion show during Sunday School. More people are responsible for the fashion show than just one person. After Manon Laarhoven spoke about the fashion show last week, it is now the turn of the other face behind the fashion show.

Meet Roel Ruyten!

What is your responsibility at SundaySchool At SundaySchool?

I am partly responsible for the fashion show. Together with Manon, her team, DJ, technology and location, we always provide an innovative spectacular show. This edition again! I take care of the entire planning of the show and coordinate everything you see with all parties involved. I also do the directing during the show.

How did you get involved with SundaySchool?

I was event manager of “Kleine Fabriek” and then did the shows in Cologne for Childrens Fashion Cologne. When “Kleine Fabriek” was destroyed, all kinds of new initiatives came up. Rob and Stefan have spoken with various people from the industry. They said “Talk to Roel” We drank a cup of coffee once. Well, tea in my case.

What else do you do besides SundaySchool? What did you do before this?

Besides SundaySchool I also have my own line with exclusive silk scarves: I do have a number of salespoints in Amsterdam and am now looking for an agent who can do the rest of the Netherlands. Please sign up! For this, the Kleine Fabriek trade fair and Luna Media in Germany worked for the Childrens Fashion Cologne trade fair. Before that, I organized exhibition visits with Dutch high potential labels such as Sjaak Hullekes, Claes Iversen, Youasme, Avelon (Erik Frenken) to exhibitions in Italy and France.

What do you hope to see during this edition of Sunday School?

First of all, I hope to see happy faces again, just like the previous editions. Both from exhibitors and visitors. And with regard to the show, I naturally hope that the kids will enjoy it. Because if that is the case, it will shine through in the show and it will benefit the show. As a team we do our very best for that. Because we are already well attuned to each other, we radiate peace (as far as possible at a show hahaha) and the kids notice that. That makes the show better, the kids then radiate it.

Manon said that you are responsible for the “front” of the fashion show. What is involved in that part of the fashion show?

Basically everything you see as an audience. I come up with the choreography and ensure that it fits in with the time it takes for the children to change clothes. I also practice them with the kids. And coordinate that with the DJ and the lighting. I make a light plan for that, which light comes on when and in which color and then off again. I also coordinate with the technology and location. I give Rob and Stefan input on the concept for the entire exhibition on how we can translate that into the show. I also make the planning. When do the kids go into the make-up, when do they fit the clothing, when do they practice the choreography and make sure it runs during the day. That is accurate to the quarter. But with good preparation, that always works.

What do you like most about working with children’s models?

The best thing is to see the fun they have. The youngest children listen very carefully to your instructions. The middle group is a bit more challenging because they are more self-willed in general. But that is nice and gives spontaneity to the show. It is easier for the oldest group to give them instructions. In each group there are champs who have participated in previous shows, so they know how it goes and it is nice to see how they help the others.

And are there things that are more difficult with children than when you work with adult models?

Yes, with children it is very important that you have organized everything even better than with adults. It’s a hectic situation anyway. And not everyone deals with that immediately. So you have to have your schedule perfect. Then you maintain the peace that is necessary. Otherwise, it all goes haywire.

Why can’t visitors miss the fashion shows?

I can’t tell you anything yet, but it will be something completely different again!

What would be your dream for the fashionshow?

A big show in the Copra Hall!

What are your plans after this edition of SundaySchool?

Evaluate! We learn every time. We are getting better every time. Then probably a long weekend in Berlin. Have not been back since I lived and worked there.

In the past few weeks we have introduced you to all the fantastic people who are behind the success of SundaySchool. Each and every one of them enormously creative people who know how to turn it into a wonderful event every edition. So if you come across them at the fair, you now know who they are. Do not hesitate to say ‘hi’. Trust me, they wont bite!