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Episode #4 June 30th 2019


Sunday June 30th was the 4th edition of SundaySchool. Over 200 different brands were distributed over the halls and the outdoor space of the Fabrique. Rooms full of all the beautiful things you can find in the field [...]

Episode #4 June 30th 20192019-07-04T11:20:47+02:00

Line up Fashion Shows


With only 2 days to go before the biggest children's fashion event in the Netherlands starts, today we will finally announce the long-awaited line-up for the fashion shows. The line ups will also be featured in the SundaySchool [...]

Line up Fashion Shows2019-06-27T19:04:32+02:00



Het belooft zondag een zonovergoten dag te worden. Een perfecte dag dus om SundaySchool te bezoeken. Binnen in de hallen is er meer dan genoeg schaduw en in ons buitengedeelte, met de beach bar en de swingbar, kunnen [...]


New from Tumble ‘n Dry


Tumble 'n Dry introduces something new! This new collection will be shown to the public for the first time during Sunday School. At the Tumble 'n Dry stand, which can be found in the Copraloods (stand C11.06), a [...]

New from Tumble ‘n Dry2019-06-26T13:22:16+02:00



Only 4 more days and then the doors of the Fabrique will open again for SundaySchool! At 12.30 pm and 1:45 pm 2 more great fashion shows will be organized by the team of JustbyManon in collaboration with [...]


Download the SundaySchool App now


It's time! From today our own SundaySchool app can be downloaded. Available in both the AppStore and PlayStore and can be used on any mobile phone or tablet! The app can be recognized in the Store by our [...]

Download the SundaySchool App now2019-06-24T19:18:14+02:00

Interview with ‘Kids aan Zee’


It is time again to let an entrepreneur in children's fashion talk about his or her experiences with SundaySchool and let them tell you about the background of the store. This time it is Nikita Aandewiel from Kids [...]

Interview with ‘Kids aan Zee’2019-06-21T10:31:12+02:00

Only 9 days to go


Only 9 days until June 30 ... the countdown is on! We are (almost) completely ready. As far as we're concerned, it cannot be fast enough next Sunday. The days leading up to Sunday School promise to be [...]

Only 9 days to go2019-06-21T14:08:00+02:00

Interview with Leff! Kinderkleding


How do other entrepreneurs in children's fashion do it? That is a question that is often asked and which we would like to answer on the SundaySchool website. Today we asked this question and many more questions to [...]

Interview with Leff! Kinderkleding2019-06-21T10:24:22+02:00

SundaySchool app


After a long time of behind the scenes preperations, many conversations, adjustments and the final fine tuning, the time has finally come. We are finally going to publicize what we have been working on for a long time [...]

SundaySchool app2019-06-14T12:40:28+02:00

The people behind SundaySchool


Organizing a fashion show takes a lot of time and also requires a lot of manpower. This also applies to the fashion show during Sunday School. More people are responsible for the fashion show than just one person. [...]

The people behind SundaySchool2019-06-12T16:58:18+02:00



ENGEL. is a company filled with laughter. Often it’s full-blown roaring laughter, sometimes a gentle smile, and occasionally we have to wipe away a tear (of joy).  ENGEL. is also a company that holds established traditions in high [...]


Bandy Button


happyrebelagency.com Contactperson: Diana Pover Email: happyrebel@happycactus.nl

Bandy Button2019-06-19T11:16:55+02:00

iBi Free Life


Sustainable Dutch children's lifestyle brand iBi will be at SundaySchool for the first time on 30 June. There is a special story and a foundation behind iBi and we would like to share that with you. The iBi [...]

iBi Free Life2019-06-18T21:55:32+02:00

Chaos and Order


A little Chaos and a little Order, something of both. With children you sometimes have chaos and you make it right again. And even as an adult there is nothing more beautiful than having the reins occasionally celebrated [...]

Chaos and Order2019-06-19T11:22:57+02:00

Weekly overview


Only 2 weeks and 2 days to go before we can finally get going with SundaySchool. Well, by get going, we mean the actual exhibition day, because behind the scenes not only us, but also all brands are [...]

Weekly overview2019-06-14T16:05:05+02:00

Early Bird Tickets


Today is the last day to buy your early bird tickets for Sunday School. Only today you can buy your entrance tickets for the children's fashion fair in the Netherlands for just € 12.50! Starting tomorrow (and at [...]

Early Bird Tickets2019-06-14T09:34:45+02:00

New Look and feel for Gabbiano Boys


Gabbiano Boys has been a welcome exhibitor at Sunday School for a number of editions. Cool clothing for teenage boys with a cool urban style. Gabbiano is an urban brand from Amsterdam, based on Italian craftsmanship. What once [...]

New Look and feel for Gabbiano Boys2019-06-12T11:02:46+02:00

The people behind SundaySchool part 4


The fashion shows are a part of SundaySchool that have been around since the beginning and attract many visitors every edition. Organized by the JustbyManon team, among others. The JustbyManon team consists of 3 people: Manon, Rosanna and [...]

The people behind SundaySchool part 42019-06-12T16:54:36+02:00

Ki Et La


Ki ET LA: Stylish sunglasses for kids UV-Fashions offers beautiful sunglasses for kids by the French brand Ki ET LA. These sunglasses stand out immediately because of their original, resourceful and classic designs. You can recognize this in [...]

Ki Et La2019-06-12T13:51:30+02:00