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After stopping De Kleine Fabriek, Stefan Flint and Rob de Vos took the initiative to organize a new children’s fashion fair. From a new concept idea, a one-day event. And a new name SundaySchool® . The first edition took place on January 14, 2018, and proved to be a great success. With 80 brands spread over 6 halls, a nice mix of brands was offered.

Below you will find an impression of the 1st Episode, which took place on January 14, 2018

Sunday School: the long-awaited boost for the children’s fashion industry


“It is completely full and I only see flashes and cameras”

One of the models

“The Fabrique as a location. The offer of both small and large brands. Your enthusiasm. The fashion show.”

Faisca Gugelot from FG Modeagenturen on the question: What should definitely remain in a next edition

“I want to compliment you for the well-organized fair last Sunday. Never seen such a cozy and inspiring children’s fair in ages. A lot of inspiration.”

Yvon Verstappen, Pril Geluk

“Perhaps a little remarkable that I mention this, but even going to the toilet was a party”


 Spotify SundaySchool Playlist