War Child and Vingino work together for a better future

Vingino and War Child it seems like a perfect match! The mission and values ​​fit seamlessly together.  Actively, open-minded and creatively they are committed to the future of children at war with their own clothing line for War Child.

Children at war are entitled to a safe place. A place to play football, dance and play. Just like our own children, a protected environment in which they learn to read, write and count. At Vingino they believe that children deserve the very best. That they feel safe and confident. That they radiate and be happy.

The collection consists of T-shirts, sweaters and jeans. The clothing is recognizable at a glance by the slogans, colors and frames from War Child. Each style from the collection is named after a child with its own special story. The collection is also made of organic cotton again. Everything to improve the world.

The proceeds of the collection go to War Child. This way War Child can protect children in war against violence and provide these children with the right psychosocial help and education.

Because ‘together we make a better future’

This special collection from Vingino (delivery July 2019) will be shown next to the new AW19 collection during Sunday School.