At 125 years of age we can not be too serious …

Petit Bateau stands for a playful and cheerful world that is aimed at all generations! But the brand does not stop at dressing large and small children … Petit Bateau is for everyone, and for every occasion.

It gets cold, the lights sparkle in the city, windows are decorated with the most beautiful decorations. The holidays are coming and it is time to drink hot chocolate and sit together by the fireplace. And what fits better than a Christmas story with yourself as the hero in the lead?

The idea? For Christmas Petit Bateau creates its own interactive story and invites all readers every week to choose the next chapter itself!

In November the story started on social media and on the website of Petit Bateau, there you follow the two heroes, Lucie and Simon, while they go on an adventure in an enchanted forest. A tree made of underpants, a river of the well-known striped marinières … this forest is full of surprises and our friends need your help!

To create this story with you as a hero, Petit Bateau worked with two artists from the world of children’s literature: author Sébastien Chebret and illustrator Christophe Pernaudet.

In addition to determining how the story goes, children and their parents can discover creative tutorials, gifts and competitions online!

As everyone knows, Santa Claus does not forget anyone, so the story will be available all over the world in French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese and Dutch.

So, throw the anchors loose! Become the captain of this story and sail to the magical Christmas of Petit Bateau.

Download here the first episode of the Christmas story

About Petit Bateau

The popular French brand Petit Bateau is known for the quality of its pure cotton, in which children and adults have been dressed since 1893. Petit Bateau invented the cotton childrens slip and the body has become a style icon for all generations, from babies to adults around the world. The fine materials, with their subtle softness and perfect fit, have a timeless appeal. The characteristic style of Petit Bateau rises the hectic of the seasons. This French brand respects the individual and the environment and employs approximately 3,000 people worldwide.