During the third Episode of the children’s fashion fair Sunday School, many newcomers come alongside the familiar faces.

We think it is important to bring a good but also innovative offer.
A small selection of new exhibitors at Sunday School include Little Indians, The New, Jacky Luxury, Moscow, Herschel and Australian. We are very proud of this and think it is important to bring a good but also innovative offer.

The consumer is always looking for renewal, especially in the current market. That is why SundaySchool advises the children’s fashion retailer to keep reviewing the brand portfolio time and time again. “Is my offer distinctive enough, and my current brands bring a new collection that I can find. In the fast-changing market, with both online and physical suppliers, it is an option to add some smaller, lesser-known brands to be somewhat more surprising, “according to SundaySchool.

Or stop part of your purchasing budget in items that are less seasonal. Due to the warm weather this year, it is quite a challenge to sell enough before the sale period, perhaps an idea to review the entire offer. What about additions such as children’s make-up, books, toys, furniture or for example cool children’s bicycles. Lifestyle as an addition can work very surprisingly. ”

With 7 weeks to go to the Sunday School ….
At the moment we are working behind the scenes to create extra space for brands so that we can offer even more inspiration during the Sunday School. Keep an eye on the website because these are not all brands yet. Every day we adjust the list of brands that will be present at the Sunday School.

Are you curious about all brands? Discover them now brands for Sunday School January 13.

Soon we will take you back into the atmosphere of the new edition. It’s going to be crazy again …. but that does not surprise you 😉