FATHERS IN FASHION. Everyone can play along with new children’s fashion brand Julien Maze.

After they met as teenagers on a basketball court in Amsterdam, the lifelong friendship of Worthy de Jong and Gerwin Dors was settled. Even though they did not know yet that they would become professional basketball players and retail professionals if they were big later on. And, above all, both father of a son: the perfect combination for a good quality, sporty and no nonsense children’s clothing brand, Julien Maze.

Prohibited for unicorns and dinosaurs “Why are almost all children’s clothing brands thought up by women?” Asked the brand-new fathers of Julien and Maze. “Do not fathers sometimes love nice clothes for their kids? And why can not we find nothing without unicorns for girls or dinosaurs for boys? “They rolled up their fashionable sleeves and set to work. Worthy as creative talent and Gerwin as a business brain. The result is the children’s fashion brand they were looking for, but could not find anywhere.

Fair play Julien Maze is based on the same rules as the basketball court of yore: everyone is welcome, regardless of gender, color or background, if you play honestly and can take a beating. “The same values ​​that we want to give our children in life,” explain the gentlemen. “Furthermore, we want our brand to grow into a nice place. Just like the basketball court, where children, parents and carers share our optimistic faith, that real contact makes the world a lot nicer and safer. ”

Apart from those beautiful words and values, the clothes for the 2-10 year old boys and girls must of course also be comfortable and cool. And they are. Made in Portugal of 100% cotton (GOTS certified), the brand kicks off with a modest collection that makes you hungry for more. Soft T-shirts, colorful trousers and super original lounge suits with hoodies. But everything can also be carried together and combined with each other. Because everyone is different, but also must be completely self-sufficient. Exactly what the brand stands for. About Julien Maze Julien Maze is a premium streetwear brand, with clothing in which children from 2-10 years can discover the world. Find out who they are without booths and prejudices. In clothes that do not come from fairyland, but show the real world. Those are made with extra attention for that world and never, but never itch.

Julien Maze, premium streetwear exclusively for children, was founded in 2018 by Gerwin Dors (34), retail professional and business brain & Worthy de Jong (30), creative talent and professional basketball player.