After the season summer 2019 JOY. the muse, the girls’ line of women’s label Penn & Ink, stop her activities.

A very difficult, but well considered and necessary step. The team of JOY. the muse has worked full of energy for 5 seasons on a beautiful children’s brand.

Unfortunately, despite their drive and creativity, they were unable to achieve their goals. Despite the positive sounds they receive, in this difficult market they do not expect to be able to achieve these objectives within a responsible period.

They are proud of everyone who has contributed to and has believed in the brand. This applies to people behind the brand, colleagues, partners, manufacturers and customers.

The summer 2019 collection will be delivered and supported, but no sale of a winter 2019 collection will take place anymore.

Naturally, the team will be JOY. the muse ensure an extremely correct settlement for their people, partners, manufacturers and customers.