Almost everything in fashion is subject to change, but one thing is certain: in December, Pantone announces the trend color for the coming year. For 2019 this is the coral orange tint ‘living coral’, or PANTONE 16-1546, a color that according to Pantone should bring us innate optimism and joy.

Trend color 2019: PANTONE 16-1546 or ‘living coral’
According to the color company, the color is a reaction to the attack of digital technology and social media on our daily lives. Living coral, because it can be found in both nature and on social media, would represent the ‘fusion of modern life’. A finding that does not fall from the sky. Pantone does its color prediction every year on the basis of art, films and socio-economic circumstances. According to trend forecasters, the underwater world is an inexhaustible source of print and color inspiration for next summer. This would have to do with our fear of losing nature and at the same time stimulating the imagination.

The color ultraviolet, ‘the color of 2018’, although popular, did not quite do in the children’s fashion what he had to do. Very curious whether Pantone with Living Coral will be right with the trend color in terms of children’s fashion.